“It’s really refreshing . . .”

In the comments thread of the iMonk post I referenced in my previous post, a commenter wrote this:

“Thanks, Michael, this is good work. It’s really refreshing to read something this positive on a Christian blog.”

I can well understand where this commenter is coming from, which is one reason I’m on a very refreshing blog-reading hiatus. Other than blogs by family members, I currently only read what Jared’s writing on Gospel-Driven Church, and what Michael’s writing on the Internet Monk. These are two of the very best out there.

I can understand where the commenter’s coming from, but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t depressed when I read that comment.

I’m looking forward to the day when “Christian blog” and “positive” aren’t seen as an oxymoron.

We’re not there yet.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

Breathing the blog-free air!

I’ve been breathing the blog-free air for about a week and a half now. It’s not a complete blog-abstinence – I’ve continued monitoring spying on interrogating reading my kids’ blogs, blogs of other family members, and two other blogs that edify me. But I’m no longer drinking from the daily firehose of the blogosphere.

All it took was me reading one last snarky, straw-mannish, ungracious comment on another blog to get me asking the question I should have asked a long time ago: “Why do I do this? What earthly good is the blogosphere, anyway?”

I realized there was no good reason for me to immerse myself in the blogosphere. I’ve been heavily into blogs for over four years now, and I’m not sure that the net effect has been good. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some tremendous blogs out there – there are. I will continue reading a very few of them, but I’m hoping I’ll be a lot more choosy. And hopefully I’ll stick with this.

You might think about taking a break from the blogosphere too. Try it, you might like it!

You don’t need to read blogs.

(Um, except for this one. Of course 🙂